The Center for Climate IT (CCIT) is a research center at the IT University of Copenhagen with researchers from all three university departments - Computer Science, Digital Design, and Business IT. The CCIT researchers come together in working with questions related to climate change, IT, and digitalization. 


Seven statements about the CCIT

1. The Center for Climate IT builds on the recognition that climate change and its concurrent emergencies cannot be addressed without imaginative, critical, reflexive, and productive ways of engaging with digital technologies and processes of digitalization.

2. The Center for Climate IT emerges from the IT University’s strong tradition of interdisciplinary collaboration within both research and teaching.

3. The Center for Climate IT’s ambition is to bring together different perspectives on the roles of digital technologies in relation to climate change, sustainability, and green transitions.

4. The Center for Climate IT will foster a creative space that can enrich our understanding of climate challenges and how to tackle them.

5. The Center for Climate IT will build an environment that generates international excellence in basic research and teaching.

6. The Center for Climate IT will engage private and public partners on various climate problems and their solutions.

7. The Center for Climate IT will engage the public in the important questions that emerge in the cross field between climate and IT.